Mr. Edward Sims

Many famous trumpet players come from all over the
world of jazz. Well, from Birmingham, we have none
other than Edward Sims. The Alabama native says that
his love of the trumpet and jazz stems from the fact that
this genre of music allows the player to express the full
range of sound that a trumpet can produce.
In orchestras and marching bands, trumpets are there
to add that bold horn sound, so the subtler qualities of
the instrument don't get used. Edward got his start in
music when he received a coronet from his mother. By
the age of 12 he was studying the trumpet. From there it
was nowhere but up for Edward. In high school, he was
working musical jobs and he joined a band. It was also
at this time that he switched from coronet to trumpet. If
the mellow sounds that he blows from the trumpet and
coronet are not enough for you, wait until you here
Mr. Edward’s on trumpet.