Mr. Romano Spinelli
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Born in Venice (Italy)
Lead Vocal & Bass    

2004- present Birmingham AL,  Ian Sturrock Memorial Pipe Band
Bagpiper, Scottish & Irish Music
Dynamic, intense and passionate are just some of the words used to
describe                       Mr. Romano “The Venetian”.

After successfully playing with an eclectic rock band in the early years.

Mr. Romano found his passion in the contemplative world of Classical /
World Beat music and Bagpipe music. Working mainly with guitars and
incorporating exotic expanded on the theme and created a uniquely intricate
playing style which blends the sounds of Rock, and World-Beat.
He has performed at the  Often compared to appealing sound has become
widely sought after for festivals, benefits.
Mr. Romano has been around the world performing in Europe, Canada and
the United States..
Most recently Mr. Romano despite his age, has already forged his own style.
What started years ago as a kid playing traditional  has become the mature -
beyond -its-years who has already found his style. While you’ll hear some of
his idols and influences Recently, he's entered the world of Motown and R&
With a bass guitar in his hands, his talent expands beyond the reason of his
years. This bass guitar will blow your mind. His own style of picking - -
whether on his bagpipe the influence of some of his guitar heroes. You’ll
hear traces of Listening to Mr. Romano is certainly enjoyable, but seeing
him standing "LIVE" on stage in front of you, hearing his voice and
watching his fingers will surely make you a fan. And just when you think you
can’t like him more, you’ll realize that the humility in this man is every bit
as impressive as his talent. It won’t take long to recognize that he’s simply
happiest when he’s playing his music.