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JayCzee Conda
Bio: JayCzee Conda

When JayCzee takes the stage—get ready—get set—get out your chair, because you are
about to be rocked!
Welcome to the world of JayCzee a preeminent songstress who likes to take you there!
Not only does JayCzee entertain she teaches through her music. JayCzee leaves her
audience wanting more! Her love of music shines through--creating unforgettable memories.
It began at the age of four for the Los Angeles, CA native, when JayCzee auditioned for
“Little Orphan Annie”. Too young for the show, but too talented to dismiss, a producer
introduced the young music prodigy to an agent in LA. For the next three years JayCzee
spent her summers studying performing arts.
JayCzee honed her vocal talents with performances in Ohio, Mississippi and Memphis, and
her hometown.
Fans and critics alike have long praised her vocal ability and knack for choosing just the
right songs; it is her ability to bring fans, of all ages different types of music to this era that
has truly benefited her style of music.
When listening to her voice, one can hear varying attitudes coming through. This stems from
JayCzee’s vast work with other talented musicians and vocalists. She credits these
collaborations as factors in “making my music exciting with each song being completely
different.”  JayCzee says her life is God, her love is music and her joy is loving people.  
Setting her own style, JayCzee’s sultry and soulful voice puts her on the same musical scale
greats such as, Angela Winbush, Luther Vandross, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, India Arie and
Susan Anderson.
The song-bird has opened for The Temptations, James Brown, Aaron Nevil and Cameo.
She has also recorded with Golden voices of Miles College Live under the direction of Dr.
Bernard Williams, Voices of Worship, Rayshun Walker and The Ensemble.  
JayCzee, says she is inspired by artists like, Rachelle Ferrell, Patti LaBelle, Randy
Crawford, David Ruffin, Miki Howard, Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Mary J. Blige and Aretha
Music is a big part of Mahogany—it is the air she breathes, it is her life and most of all it
makes up JayCzee.