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Silk e Smooth is one of the newest and hottest R & B and variety acts
around. Known for their high energy performances, this band is perfect
for everything from weddings and corporate events to college and high
school functions. Silk E Smooth will get your party started and keep it
going strong. The 9 piece band includes 1 bass guitar, 1 guitar player,
drums, 3 male backup singers, 1 horn player and 1 female and 1 male
lead singer! We could not have asked for a more wonderful experience
with our band, Silk E. Smooth and with RAM Entertainment. They both
went above and beyond our expectations. Our guests have not quit
talking about reception! We highly recommend both parties for anyone
looking for entertainment for their wedding celebration! MATTHEW &

Thanks for your follow up! Silk e smooth band did a wonder job at our
reception, and we truly could not have been happier with their
performance. They started off the party with a bang and kept up the
momentum until the very end. I, for one, have never danced that much
without taking a break, and I think I can say the same for all of our
guests! I actually had quite a few people come up to me and ask me
about them, how we found them, and said they were the best band they
had ever seen at a wedding. I'm sure my parents had the same
experience... We are finishing up with our honeymoon on Sunday and
I'll ask them when we get home... Anyway, they were a blast and are so
talented, and we also really liked how they engaged the crowd --
especially the Soul Train line, so much fun!! I would be happy to provide
you with some photos/video from the dance floor if it would be helpful
for your website, or give you supportive quotes, referrals, etc. Truly
made all the difference on what was the most fun night of our lives.
Thanks you and the band for everything!
Tyrone Lockwood Wedding

Silk e Smooth Band I could not have asked for a better band to play at
our wedding. If you only knew how many people have written me to tell
me how much they loved the band. What I loved most about the band
was their ability to get the crowd involved in a classy way. I don't know
if that makes any sense, but, I feel like bands have a tendency to be in
your face about getting the crowd to have fun...but Silk e Smooth Band
was perfect. Young and old alike were dancing until midnight. I also
appreciated that they honored my request for the happy birthday songs
and for the Midnight Train to Georgia They were wonderful.
Barbara White Party

They were incredible! I have been to a lot of parties but none have had
a band that I have seen a crowd enjoy from start to finish the way my
crowd did. Silk E Smooth Show Band! We are already trying to come up
with the next venue to use them. They really meshed with my crowd
and I truly believe they had as much fun as we did. So I would say it
could not have been better! Thank you so much!
Brenda Forbes Party

Silk e Smooth Band was absolutely phenomenal!! Everyone had a
fabulous time ... And the only regrets we heard .... Was when they had
to stop playing because it was time for the reception to end!!! We highly
recommend them to anyone who wants to make their party or reception
a truly enjoyable occasion! In fact, we're trying to figure out how we
can get them to play for something else in the future!! However, we will
certainly remember them..... Thank you, Diana, for your
professionalism and I, also, loved working with You. Etc.
Ora & Tom Day

Silk e Smooth Band was incredible! As my daughter just said... We love
them!!! They totally engage the audience. They made the party!! That
was the best graduation party any of us has ever been to, and it was
because of Silk e Smooth Band Many, many people came up last night
and thanked me for getting Silk e Smooth Band , and also, many people
wanted me to send them information about the band, so they could
book them in the future. Not only was the music great, but they just
have a knack for reading the audience and knowing what to do. Also,
some of us were saying last night, it's obvious that they enjoy what they
do. They always look like they are having a great time, and I think that
is infectious. I just can't say enough great things about Silk e Smooth
Band . They will continue to be my first choice!!
Barry Thomas Graduation Party

Truly, there are not enough adjectives to describe Silk e Smooth Band .
They were absolutely incredible. Aside from being extremely talented
musicians, they are fabulous performers. They got everyone, young and
old, involved in the celebration and on the dance floor. Additionally,
they were professional in every aspect of the job. I would highly
recommend them to anyone who wants a fun, talented, highly
diversified band. Thanks so much for your help in making my party one
of the most fun parties ever!
Liz Furstenberg

Silk e Smooth will get your party started and keep it going strong
all-night long. The reason they are playing all over the worked for so
many people is really quite simply they get it. It's not about how great
the musicians are; sure they are monster players. It's not about the
quality of the singers; sure they can sing their tails off. It not about all
the options the band provides from Grammy award winning horn
players to a choir. It's not about their totally customizable song list,
their flashy costumes, high-energy choreography, state-of-the-art
sound and light show, their or even thee non-stop two hour show. It's
about the simple fact that more than any band out there, they
understand it's about memories it's about you. It's about making sure
you and every guest at your event, no matter how large or small, leave
saying, That's the most fun I've had in years! Diana believes the
ingredients to the success of your wedding, corporate event or Gala are
simple: Non-stop live music where your guests don't want to go home.
Attention to detail so everyone feels a part of the success of the party.
Raising the bar on your event making it uniquely special and
memorable. Different than other national acts who come in demanding
"No" Diana believes it's not about the band making demands, for you.
It's about changing lives, even if for one night so that years from now
people will still be talking about how much fun they had at your party.
Nice people
Pattie Wilson Wedding

You guys have really something special. Not only is Diana and the band
polite and kind, they are superb musicians. This band should be booked
every weekend. Thanks for learning, our Song everyone said this is the
best band they ever heard. True entertainers. The staff that served food
(young people) were blown away. Our wedding guests were in shock.
We were constantly asked-Where did you get this band? The Jewish
hora was unreal. They start very slow (new to me-never heard before)
and build like a jet going down the runway and sang great too. Jesse is
one of the best bass players I have ever heard in a long time. He is the
backbone of the sound classy-not loud rhythm guitar lead with
smoothness and grace-give you a sound and band you should be proud
of. The female vocal blew our guests away. Male vocals were excellent
too. Our guests danced, but they also watched-like a concert. They were
fabulous. Great vocals
Christine Moore/ Wedding Sea Island, Ga.

WOW! I had the pleasure of spending last Saturday evening with Silk e
Smooth, What an awesome band. The vocals are outstanding -- did a
better than original version of the JayCzee Female vocalists were
outstanding-out in the audience with wireless mics- as was the sax
player. This band has a tremendous depth of musical talent (there are
NO weak spots) and vocally they would be hard to top. They played a
low key dinner set and then moved into dancing-lots of 70's, EWF,
some Latin (they have a really cool percussionist) and pop. I actually
hated to leave before they finished but the 45 mi. Trip home was
looming.... If you haven't seen this band live (and most everyone
hasn't), please make it a priority. You'll be as enthusiastic as I am
about selling this first class band to your clients. Super easy to work
with also. Diana Bey takes care of the details which means less
headache for the client. Be a superhero-book Silk e Smooth Band!
Robert Simon

Diana, It was a pleasure to work with you and the Silk E Smooth Band
this past weekend at Vestavia Country Club. I believe that the
reception was great! Adrienne and Caleb really seem to have a good
time. So did many of the guests. You wanted to put my information on
your website. I would be thrilled for you to do that! The info. Is: Grand
Event Weddings,
Michael Ann Chapman - Owner/Wedding Coordinator/Planner;
770-363-0571, Acworth, GA. Should you need anything else, please let
me know. Thank you again for such a wonderful reception and being a
pleasure to work with. Blessings to you and all the band, Michael Ann
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