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Mr. Didalious Hill
“To: Glorify
Mr. Didalious Hill

“Musical talent isn't flattery. For, from my professional point
of view, musical talent is genuine” says a close friend, to
Birmingham’s Didalious Hill.
His fellow artists give this your musician his props exclaiming
that not only is Didalious a remarkable musician, but his an
extraordinary as a composer as well. An articulate composer,
the self-taught Mr. Didalious has developed music-writing
skills and become accomplished at his craft. As a teen, he
took private saxophone lessons, the rest of his jazz music and
song composition was self-taught through reading and
grueling practice. The technique he has developed in music
writing is so comprehensive that he could excel in it by
producing outstanding works of music.
Didalious composes music with a complexity of notes
simultaneous with chords, and yet maintains all the
requirements of music's rules. “This is a process that only a
few song writers could achieve,” says his aide. Compositions
he goes on are diversified in style and mood. When he creates
a romantic song, it is truly sweet and romantic. It is filled with
all the bold elements required for this martial style. And both
achieve a distinct beauty.