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Mr. Cedric Waters
Mr. Cedric Waters

Drummer/Artist/Renaissance Man

“You know,” says Cedric Waters, “I'm just a regular guy. Simple but
complicated. Artistic bordering on Autistic. Creative and opinionated, but
open-minded too. Serious and sometimes uptight. I like to consider
myself a free thinker. I'm passionate about my loves - my Family, my
music, my drums, and my work.”
The Birmingham, Alabama native started playing drums and percussion
at 15 - self taught. “Although no one else in my family played an
instrument, my household was very musical,” recalls Cedric.  “My
parents were close to a lot of the churches where musicians played
which gave me my thirst for music. My family upbringing exposed me to
jazz, salsa, Latin jazz, rhythm and blues, soul and rock.
I've been blessed with two talents and the opportunity to realize them
throughout my life. I am both a drummer and respect for all walks of
life. I am one of the few who can say I love my work. I get to enjoy and
share my talents on a daily basis. - I am blessed and humbled by that!
As I get older I'm finding that drumming is becoming more and more
important to me. When I was younger I loved playing the drums, but I
didn't really know where that came from or where it was in me. I had no
idea of where to take it nor how. But I kept at it and had a few close
calls with making it. Now that I'm older and more mature I know that
drumming is in my soul. I live and breathe drums. I just love playing the
drums - period!
Cedric says his disciplines are in Rock, Funk, Fusion, Latin, Country,
Big band Swing, and R and B. “My absolute favorite music to drum to is
Funk and Fusion.
But I'm also examining my playing style, my technique, my grip, and
working on my rudiments. This is a very humbling experience. I'm
learning. I'm learning about how others learn, about the different levels
of physical and intellectual. I'm learning about patience too!